Welcome to

Jake and Elwood Booze's

Bourbon Street Hideout


You'll like us as soon as you agree with us!!!

Welcome to our living room.

We are Jake and Elwood Booze - separated in infancy by a horrible mining accident and recently reunited through a US Government computer error. Since we missed all those formative years together, we decided to rent this place here and occasionally get together with some friends, drink a few brewskis, and swap some stories. The topics will change frequently, from cool music and cool drinks to hotfood and hot spots. So pick up four fried chickens and a coke (oops, and some dry white toast) and come on in!

Why Bourbon Street?

Bet you're wondering how a couple of Chicago guys wound up on Bourbon Street, eh? Well, after we got reunited, we decided to come down South and experience some of that hospitality that our guitar- and bass-players(The Colonel and Duck) kept bragging about. Elwood kinda revved up the Boozemobile and overshot Memphis. We went until we hit a river. So, here we are in New Orleans! And we've found some pretty interesting things in our travels. In keeping with our Bourbon Street address, we will share our discoveries with you.

What is this Tennessee thing???

Elwood wanted to check out a college town (mostly for the women), and we were told by The Colonel and Duck that there was nothing better than the good old U of T. So, we made the mistake of going up there on a football weekend. It took three days for Elwood's eyes to stop rolling, and darned near a week for Jake to sober up. So from that point on, we decided to make Knoxville our third home, and report the goings on there as well. Some damned fine folk there - but be careful on football weekends. Over 120,000 people flood in there all at once, and they all try to leave at the same time.