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This is a 3-part string, but it shows we have done some good in preserving and furthering the education of true New Orleans Jazz.

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From: "Kathryn Hobgood"
To: <jake@booze-bros.com>
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 10:54 AM
Subject: Snoozer Quinn

> Dear Jake -
> Hi there! I am a grad student at Tulane in New Orleans. For my MA, I am
> researching my great-great uncle Snoozer Quinn.
> I have long been a fan of your page http://www.booze-bros.com/snoozer.html
> -- indeed it was probably my starting point.
> I wanted to ask you where you got this photo of Quinn?
> http://www.booze-bros.com/snoozer.jpg
> It is the same photo that appears on the outside of the LP, The Legendary
> Snoozer Quinn. But your photo is larger -- and I wonder if that means you
> have an uncropped version? Do you know where it came from?
> I look forward to hearing anything you can offer about Snoozer. And I
> would
> be delighted to tell you some more about my research -- I started coming
> at
> it from the family archives angle. Also, I've been accessing oral history
> archives and AFM records at Tulane, as well as interviewing musicians,
> which
> has been fascinating. I am at a good point to write a thesis, but I can
> tell
> this will be a lifelong project. That's OK! - I am hooked.
> Best,
> Kathryn
> Kathryn Hobgood
> Tulane University Communications

On 3/2/09 12:38 AM, "Jake Booze" <jake@booze-bros.com> wrote:

Dearest Kathryn -

I am so sorry it took me this long to respond to your e-mail. I shall offer
no excuses but my sincerest apologies. Thank you for your kind words
regarding our site - most of the site is fluff, but I am proud of the work I
have done on the NOLA jazz portion.

I scanned the photo of Snoozer from the album. I have another article
published many years ago in the periodical of the now-defunct New Orleans
Jazz Club. It is currently in storage, but I will need to rearrange that
material in the next few weeks, so I will try to find it for you. It has a
photo of him in his hospital gown taken the day that Johnny Wiggs and he
recorded their work. If you already have it, let me know, and I won't look
for it.

While you are at Tulane, see if you can talk those archivists into making
the NOJC radio broadcasts available in their entirety. They used to be thus,
but they have since carved each number into its own separate file - damn
them - LOL!

Best of luck with your work - we need more people like you. If there is
anything at all I can do for you, please ask - and I promise not to be so
tardy with my response next time.


Received 01/04/10


I think I told you that a few months ago, I helped write a grant to
the National Film Preservation Foundation to restore and digitize some
silent film footage of Snoozer...

I wanted to let you know that it's back! I've watched it, and I felt
so weird, transcendent and emotional as I watched Snoozer play. It's
about 2 and a half minutes long.

What came back was a clip that someone mickeyed with, but it's
actually pretty great. At first Snoozer is playing at regular speed,
then slowed down, so you can see his fingers move over the strings in
slow motion, and then after about a minute, it regulates again. He is
SOOO fast! And it's notable that his head never moves, he always seems
to be looking at the same spot, with his eyes closed (like he is
snoozing). His eyes don't seem to follow his fingers. He looks so
relaxed, like his head is just floating while his hands whiz about.

The film was recorded by Charles Peterson,  a guitarist/banjoist with
Rudy Vallee’s Connecticut Yankees who turned into a jazz photographer.
Charles’s son Don Peterson helped me definitively date the film to
1932 and says the location was Laurelton, NY at their country home.

I am going to use it to analyze Snoozer's technique as I finish up my
master's thesis, which will be submitted in April 2010. And I will be
debuting as an academic presenter this year!!!! I'll be speaking on
Snoozer at the French Quarter Fest April 9-11, 2010. I'll play the
film there. And also, it will go up on Youtube soon (The museum's

It would be awesome if you could come.... I'll fill you in on details
as it gets closer. (ELWOOD - ROAD TRIP!!!)

Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know 2010 will be great.

Best, Kathryn

PS I've launched a Snoozer website which helps me get my thoughts
crystallized as I write. http://snoozerquinn.com

Received 5/30/07

Great website!  I stumbled across your site several weeks ago.  Bob Havens is a friend of mine.  In fact, I had a beer with him Monday afternoon after a Memorial Day concert here in his hometown of Quincy, IL.  I mentioned the "Tiger Rag" number.  Would you believe he still performs it in that style, finishing on his back?!  Says it takes him a little longer to get up off the stage now.  Truthfully, he hasn't lost a lick over the years, still tours a lot and is a great guy.
Thanks for the site!
Rick Bybee
Quincy, IL

Received 3/31/06

Just wanted to say thanks for a great web site!  I had no idea anyone else had the love and admiration or were even aware of the early Dan’s Pier recordings I had of Al Hirt and Bob Havens.  Best of success and I will definitely look you guys up next time I am in your fair city.

Thanks again,

Steve Davis
Saint Louis

Received 1/24/06


I'm 50 years old and I have to say I grew up listening to the Dukes of Dixieland as my parents were "groupies".  Followed them around when they could leave Cleveland to see the Dukes.  I was born 1955, and even now, I love hearing Betty Owens sing with the Dukes.  I thought she had a great voice.  My father is now 79 years old and he still enjoys listening to the Dukes.  Thanks for all the great music!

Charmaine Avon-Jones
Olmsted Falls, OH

Jimmy Avon, my father
N. Royalton, OH 

Received 5/26/05

Guys: Donald Sundt just called me to say that Joe Johnson has died.

No more Ellington.   No more perfection of black gentleman.Who the hell will play "Lush Life" now, as it was conceived?

After Duke Groner, Joe was my closest black friend--even closer than Jimmy Johnson.   To those of you who don't know, Joe grew up in the only black family in a small Connecticut town and therefore more comfortable around white people than among blacks for quite awhile.
His parents were house servants on a large wealthy estate, and  he was well educated, though I'm not sure about college degrees.  His older brother, however, sponsored by the wealthy white family, graduated from Yale with a degree in mathematics back in the thirties!  Must have been about the only guy that happened to.  Couldn't find a teaching gig, naturally, back then: remember?  "No niggers need apply!"  Boy I sure do remember.   He ended up a suicide.

Don Sundt doesn't know the details, but he thinks Joe died on Friday from a stroke.

What bums me way way out:  for the past two weeks it has popped into my mind: call Joe.  Call Joe.  And I kept saying, yeah, tonight--and then yeah, in the morning.  Joe was 86; I know because he was always 10 years old than I was.

I called Joe's number at 773-651-8304 and talked to someone who said that the funeral will be on Friday, but the exact arrangements haven't been made yet, that the family was even now working on it.  He took my number and promised to call me back.   You might try the same procedure.

Please forward this to all musicians and fans whose addresses and numbers I don't have.   A whole lot of people loved Joe.   To a lot of players and audiences on a lot of gigs over a lot of years, it seemed like happiness was just a thing called Joe...


From: Dane Henningsen

Date: Friday, October 8, 2004 12:00 AM

To: Jake@booze-bros.com

Subject: The Nortons

Laura from K.C. emailed me and told me check out your website.

Thanks for showcasing the Wild Wild Woman C.D.   I wanted to let you know that Danielle moved to Philadelphia to start a band with her two brothers.   Their band is called Trampled Under Foot.  I'm not sure what her schedule is but I know they are coming to the Midwest in October.   Don't miss a live show if you get a chance.   She is special.

It's great for a bunch of old guys like The Nortons to be able to showcase young talent.   We love being the spring board for these young artists.   To watch them grow and develop their skills and to get the confidence to go out on their own is very satisfying to us.  We have a new singer in Megan Birdsall that fits this same mold.   Look for her in the near future!!!!!


Dane Henningsen & The Nortons

Our good buddy Artie Langston (bassist extraordinaire) sent us a few snaps from his recent trip to Madrid and Venice, so we thought we'd share them with you, since we can't get past Cleveland...

I don't EVEN want to think about all that pigeon shit...

From: "Everblues"
To: booze_bros@yahoo.com 
Subject: Oh yeah! 

I was more than impressed about this site:


First, sorry, sorry for my bad english, hoping you understand in any way what i will say. I'm in the beginning of handle with music and special, jazz is a new terrain for me. And so, I was only turn on about the facts you know about Louis Armstrong. As more I know about him, I love him. Satchmo had so much facets, and in my eyes, he was very cool and loved the life and his audience. With this album you selected some masterpieces from him, unknown for me.

Thanx for your work!

Yours sincerely, 

From: "Michael D. Teter Sr." 
To: booze_bros@yahoo.com 
Subject: 572nd air force band 

In your presentation of the 572nd air force band you had a series of pictures of the band and it's activies. The last picture was of a memorial with pictures of the KIA's on the the wall. I wish to thank you on your choise of pictures as that picture is of one wall at the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Ocean Springs MS. Also the 572nd Air Force band will be playing for us at the Grass Lawn on Hwy 90, Gulfport MS on July 07, 2003. That is this year. The concert is free and open to the public. I also ask you to check out our web page on Yahoo.com, Search for m v v m c (no spaces). We always come up #1. If you liked that one picture you will love the rest of them. Oh, by the way, my name is Michael D. Teter Sr. I am a retired chief petty officer, US Navy Seabees and the Vice-president of the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee Inc. Our E-Mail address is MVVMC@bellsouth.net. Love your webpage and hope to hear from you. Mike.

From: "Rhiannon.au" 
To: booze_bros@yahoo.com 
Subject: The dance 

My friend Samantha told me to visit your site. The Lagniappe was good, but most of it was too old for me. But I found the story about Jake's High School Dance, and I almost cried because that is exactly how I felt this year at school. I know that it was written about some time ago, but I just wanted to tell you that the words and song make those of us who feel scared and awkward around people feel like we are not alone.

Thank you.


From: "Artie Langston" <alangston@socket.net>
To: "Jake Booze" <booze_bros@yahoo.com> 
Subject: James Davis and The Paddock Jazz Band
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 14:15:49 -0600 

Jake -

I wanted let you know if you didn't already that Walter Lewis who played with Jim Davis passed away last year on 06/10/2002 at age 87. 

Over his 70+ year career he worked with Claiborne Williams, Champion Jack Dupree, Paul Barbarin, Oscar "Papa" Celestin, Ray Charles, Dinah Washington, Big Joe Turner, Guitar Slim, Earl King, Louis Cottrell and Placide Adams, among many others; in later years, he was a member of Danny Barker's Jazz Hounds and the Preservation Hall band. 

We were good pals and I used to work with him a lot. I'll always treasure his memory.

Hope everything is fantastic on your end.


From: "Goodwin, Bill" 
To: booze_bros@yahoo.com 

I was looking for “Jack Delaney” on Google and found your site.

When I was about 10 in 1950, I came across the radio station WWL in New Orleans.  I lived in a small town about 50 miles north of Indianapolis, Indiana, so it is unusual that I could get this station.  I was learning trombone and Jack became my trombone idol and later, when I heard him, so did Jack Teagarden.  Delaney played with Tony Almerico and his All-Star Jazz Band and when I heard them, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I listened to their program for several years on Sunday nite – I think it came on about 8 pm and this program was followed by a program presented by the New Orleans Jazz Club on jazz history.

I sincerely want to thank you for the opportunity to hear these wonderful musicians again – it has been many years.

All the best,

Bill Goodwin

Indianapolis, Ind.

From: "The MainMan" <MainMan@TheDukesofDixieland.com>
To: booze_bros@yahoo.com
Subject: Original Dukes of Dixieland and AF info
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 16:33:46 -0600

Booze Dudes!

I visited you site.  Cool stuff.  I'm Frank and Freddie Assunto's nephew Mike Marois and I run a site called http://www.TheDukesofDixieland.com

This is a site devoted to the original group and the new group that I'm currently forming.  If you would could you please put a link to my site from yours?

One day we will have to talk about the Audio Fidelity masters.  We, the family, are really interested in obtaining them.


Mike Marois


"Arthur Langston"
To: booze_bros@yahoo.com
Subject: James Davis and The Paddock Jazz Band 
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 22:47:39 -0500

Greetings guys.

This is Artie Langston,  (www.bassace.com) and I was the bass player with James Davis and The Paddock Jazz Band. I'm currently appearing with Lynn Zimmer (formerly clarinetist with Al Hirt) at The Country Club Hotel, Lake Ozarks, MO.

I was really knocked out to see a page for my boy James. He was (and I certainly hope still is) a great guy who'd get me drunk, educated me in the art of picking up babes, and introduced me to some great books and authors. James was from Columbus Ohio, I think, and was a very literate, eloquent guy.

I took a gig in Europe, and when I returned to NO I couldn't find him. Someone said they saw his horn in a pawn shop in Metairie, but I have no first hand knowledge of this.

I've been trying to track this album down for years. Please let me know if I can possibly get a full scan of both sides of the cover, and the audio files. I'd be really grateful - there are some wonderful personal memories there.

Thanks for remembering.

Art Langston

It's a pleasure, Artie - James is/was one of our favorites, too.