knoxvillian thoughts

So, how's Nashville?
I live in Knoxville.
Oh, I hear Chattanooga is really nice now that they have that aquarium.
I live in Knoxville.

warm goat cheese sandwich & sweet tea @ Tomato Head
chicken salad sandwich & a smell that never leaves you from Pete's,
the glasses & desserts from King Tut's,
hot turkey roll-up & the courtyard @ Crescent Moon,
focaccia @ Blue Moon
warm spring afternoons & late nights @ BW-3,
Mid East Picnic with cheese grits @ Perry’s,
hummus & spinach pies @ Falafel Hut,
portabella mushroom sandwich @ Great Southern

Oh Yes, it's ladies night...
I-40 from Knoxville to Asheville, wow
they make America's Castles here
Quentin Tarantino's from here, and so is...?
Bart wuz here.

freedom & nothing left to lose
A straight white man's town, have you noticed?
Where's the fun in that?
The people in the Fellini Kroger are beginning to look normal to me.
will our pub paths cross?

are you Appalachian? I guess I am...
that *&^%# East Tennessee twang has affixed itself to my speech.
the third shift at Shop-at-Home...NASCAR, transvestites, Goth kids, OH MY!
what yuns doin?
trying to recapture the warm safe feeling of a family vacation
the Mighty Wurlitzer playing Simon and Garfunkel and other "show" tunes
a livable downtown, no matter what they say out west
beggars who ARE choosers

June & Johnny Cash @ the Tennessee Theater
The best kept homeless in the world.
Steve Dupree, he's everywhere you happen to be.
ok, but only one beer

the flower guy
those cheese things @ OCI
guru approved?
Old City Books, won't you please come home
Will I ever be able to afford FEVER?

Hours and $$$$ disappearing at the Fresh Market nightly
Do you paddle? Do you hike? Do you like bluegrass?
creative parking
we gotta go by Ashe's on the way
Walnut Street...are you sure you're supposed to DRIVE up this hill????
I think my car is going to roll backwards

Litton's burgers
the dam tour
shooting guns and drinking moonshine in Blount County
another going away party

if I fail and no one sees it, does it make a sound?
you ain't from around here, is you?
Smokey's on the prowl...gggrrrr...sick 'em, boy!!!
Watch out for the mutated 3-eyed dragon fish outside Calhoun's on the River

one street - five names
killer curb cuts
endless restaurants
unpredictably predictable weather

Old City "smell" ummmmmmm,
kiddie enemas at Volunteer Landing
There's someone on the line anytime...The Knoxville Singles Connection & otherquality commercials

City of Vols
Gatlinburg's mountain of malls
public access TV - cool
Brewery? & other rhetorical questions

Smoky Mountain Brewery closes,
Great Southern Brewery opens, 
Southbound opens,
Amsterdam closes,
Manhattans closes,
Manhattans opens,
Manhattans closes,
Manhattans opens.

Tjaarda's closes, Bird's Eye View opens.
Patrick Sullivan's opens, Patrick Sullivan's closes.
Blue Moon closes, Barley's opens.
Sunspot closes, Sunspot opens.
Sunspot closes, Sunspot opens.

dogwoods, corndogs & funnel cakes
The Six O'Clock Report - our daily dose of "News of the Weird"
The sinking of The Titanic.
real people, real places
the same familiar strangers
everywhere I go
have a good un

-- Anonymous

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