Jake and Elwood's Audio/Video Jukebox


Those of you who have been here know this site is mainly about music and other cultural pursuits. But not all the music fits into a neatly-defined genre, nor is there a nice place to put it - so, we created the jukebox. This is the place where we'll be putting the "one hit wonders" and songs that don't need Jake's pompous editorializing.
Just shit to listen to.

It might be old shit or new shit - but you know what they say -
"Shit is shit".

The part is the video jukebox - we'll put some cute stuff there for your enjoyment as we go along.
It's all Real Audio, but you already knew that...

BTW - we're putting the new stuff on top, so you don't have to scroll. Aren't we nice?

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Change Gotta Come
Gotta gotta gotta love Otis. The few times Jake was priviledged to drink with him, he was the ultimate gentleman - can't say the same about his sidemen

Talking with Violaine today - made Jake want to put this up - It's all about the South, you see...
How to Open A Beer
2000 Light Years from Home
Rolling Stones
Stoned, lying on the floor at the Bird House on White Avenue
with Toby, Russ, Maggie and a couple other people. Fingers bleeding from playing Stax/Volt tunes on an un-amplified bass guitar. Catching the smiles of everyone and uttering total nonsense, and thinking this was the greatest tune ever...

(Awesome job, Tasha!)
Benny's From Heaven
(Personnel, for the DJML-ers)
Peter Ostroushko - Cootchie Mandolin
Prudence Johnson - Sexy Vocal
Butch Thompson - Awesome Piano
Johnny Gimble - Extraordinary fiddle
Tim Hennessy - Guitar
Tom Lewis - Bass
The late "Red" Maddock - Drums

Some time back, we published a few songs by an awesome British trombone quartet called Bones Apart. We alluded to a video that shows that awesome piccolo solo on "Stars and Stripes Forever" played on trombone. Several of you have asked for and received it, but now that we can stream the video, here it is...
Get Gone
(Fiona Apple)
Come back, biatch - we miss you

We have procured an old number by Maynard Ferguson and Al Hirt - it shows us several things. First, although their styles are totally different, they have the utmost respect for each other - you can watch as Maynard admires Al's playing and vice versa. Second, although this was a big commercial hit for Al, Maynard chose to do it in his concert - pretty cool. Third, this is probably the only recording of these two greats together. And lastly, Maynard - don't quit your day job :-)

Graduation Day
(The Beach Boys - 1964)

The Piano Has Been Drinking
(Tom Waits)

(Tom Waits)

That's The Way of the World
(Earth, Wind and Fire)
Brought "Yao" to our vocabs before Ming showed up
(and listen to that Jamerson-like bass - tasty!)

Move On Up
(Curtis Mayfield)
Have a drink, smoke a J, call Buddha or whatever you need to relax into this song - and follow it to the end.

Commercial (4:20)
(Spanky and Our Gang)

When We Were Fab
(George Harrison)

(Wet Willie)
In case you need a pick-me-up

I Wish
(Stevie Wonder)

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes / Young Americans
(For Rhonda and Melinda)
(David Bowie)

(Tom Waits)

Sure Feels Good
(Elvin Bishop)

(Christina Aguilera)

Lake of Fire
Has it really been 10 years?

Angel of Harlem

I'd Like to Get to Know You
(Spanky and Our Gang)