Quit sweating the day thing!

Did you actually think I could pull a carton of smokes out of my ass in a day's time?

PLEASE!  I'm workin' here!!

OK - so I sold my E, G and C harp - got enough to trade for a carton, but before I left the cell, I had an idea.

Maybe I should be in the driver's seat for a while - see how that turns out!


I took five packs and left five packs - that should give me the leverage I needed.

I stood in the yard.

The guys were working out, hanging around talking - planning who was gonna get gutted next with a kitchen tray ground down into a blade...


I jumped a foot.

"Dammit man! Can't you come up like most folks?"

He smiled.

"If I was like most folks, I wouldn't be here..."

"Got the smokes?"

I took a Cary Grant moment.

I surveyed the sky - the heavens. Looked at the horizon, which consisted of the wall and the guard towers.

"Yeah, but half..."

He smiled.

"Half, my ass..."

He looked around...

"What's your deal here?"

I smiled.

"Not no deal. Just want to see the merchandise, then you get the rest."

He nodded, smiled and laughed.

"Damn, for an ass-cherry you're pretty good. OK - we'll work your way...for now..."

I paused...




"Umm," I said, "Aren't we supposed to be talking about this guy now?"

He smiled.

"Nope. I gotta go for a little while, but for now, consider this a down payment for your smokes..."

He slipped me a piece of paper and disappeared.

I looked around, making sure I was safe, then I took a look...