From the Metropulse, November 20, 2003 * Vol. 13, No. 47:

Postcards From Paradise

Jag Star is back from its second USO tour, but this one was nothing like the first, which took them through the Middle East shortly before the invasion of Iraq.

"We got home from an amazing month-long tour in the South Pacific a few days ago," says band leader Sarah Lewis. "We're still fighting jet lag, but we're happy to be home again. The tour was more like a vacation, since we lived like beach bums in between all of our concerts! Needless to say, it was quite different from our Afghanistan experience. I'll take the beach over mortar fire any day.

"We played some impromptu gigs in Singapore and met with some program directors of pop radio stations. I just want to be able to say, 'We're huge in Singapore,'" Lewis says with a laugh.

While there, the band picked up a copy of the November Vanity Fair's American music issue. A Budweiser advertising section—starting on page 299—led off a page-long feature on Jag Star.

And thanks to Elwood for the scan: