Update History
12/03 Tighten up your knickers, butt-wipes -
WE'RE COMING BACK after the first of the year!!!!
Maybe a taste or two before - ya never know!!!
07/31 Per Elwood - Competition is what drives Peyton Manning, not money
12/24 Santa tracker

Per Elwood: The REAL Ohio State
12/03 Football page
11/05 E-News
08/29 Perspective on New Orleans - 5 years later
08/14 "Let the truth be told, brother..."
   --- Elwood Booze

Old ain't dead, ya know...
08/07 Guess "global warming" isn't real after all...
07/20 Are you ready for some football??
07/07 You won't like us when we're mad, you incompetent, soulless assholes...
06/12 Goddammit!
06/11 Breaks Elwood's heart - NOT!!
06/07 Jake and Elwood are trying to keep their mouths shut and their blood pressures down.
Really we are!

06/06 Another sad day for UT sports
04/29 Drill, baby, drill !

Truly a sad day for UT sports...
04/09 Let's hope it's as good as we hope it is...

It never ends, does it? Will this bastard and his atrocities EVER go away??
04/02 Lagniappe (REALLY???????)

Heather (aka "Sweetevangeline") has done it again!
Another Castle masterpiece!!!

Not so sure that even Jake or Elwood would do this. Well, Elwood might...
03/27 It's MADNESS!!! Tennessee Men advance to the Elite Eight for the first time in school history!!!
03/18 Does having a dick make you an immediate asshole?? Wait - don't answer that...
03/14 Football page
03/05 Get ready for "the note that rocked the socks off Fox"!
03/01 Where's a good assassin when you need one?
02/26 E-News
02/19 Betcha ten bucks he's not
a Republican!!

02/06 VOLNation, at least you don't have to look this stupid any more...
01/25 You bet your ass!

For all you "Castle" lovers out there
01/24 Jake and Elwood's Mailbox
01/14 You know you want to experience it...

We like a man who keeps his promises
01/13 Oh, Lane - we hardly knew ye...
I'm sure Elwood wants more, but this is all the space the worthless bastard deserves.
01/12 It's not football, but VOL-ball
01/11 How 'bout them VOLS!!!
01/10 Where did she come from?
(Thanks, Bob)

Remind us again, who the fuck is Charles Woodson?
A Majors oversight at UT
12/23 You knew it was coming - why there is no trumpet Christmas!
12/19 Truly unbelievable - for $300???

News for you Fringies

They had to use a dog??

Don't worry kid - we'll get the vocal down in the mix.
12/17 Sad, but true...

Kellie Pickler sticks it to Kanye West

Look what they've done to my song, ma...
12/11 Show me da money!!
12/06 Goddamn, I wish I was
25 again!!!
(Welcome to the bright lights, baby)

Elwood's 2009 holiday bowl schedule
12/05 If we didn't love you already, Allison - we sure do now!!!

Great true story (musicians only)
11/29 Want to guarantee an Obama win in 2012?
11/28 If "cover up" had a smell, this would stink...

At least he wrote something that sold...everything else sucked.

A fond farewell to the decade of George W. Bush
11/14 Who indeed?
11/11 Read this before you decide against a public option or healthcare reform in general...
11/10 Quickie # 1
10/30 What can we say??
10/27 Our "possessed" MP3 player spit this out this morning, and we couldn't stop singing it all day!!
10/26 Introducing " The Quickie"!
10/21 It's your Grand Old Party, America -
Republicans for Rape

10/19 Ahhhh - the good old days - NOT!!
(Thanks, Laura, for reminding us...)

'Bama week, Y'all!!
10/18 Deborah from Colorado found us the perfect job!! Thanks!!!
10/17 Because we can!
(Miss you, Tasha...)

Hate to admit, but it's cute (also good to see our sisters Courtney and B-Girl Shorty struttin' their stuff)
10/12 The anthem of the Southern Republicans
10/08 We love the bloopers, Amber - but we'll skip the contest...

Pretty cool
09/24 We normally don't do this, but:
Amazing Patrick Swayze tribute

Kelly Osbourne makes Dad proud
09/21 You bet your ass, Uncle Dave...
09/18 Lagniappe
09/17 Not just another pretty face. Candy will kick your ass! More to come...
09/09 With today's economy, this song is damned near perfect!!!
08/26 Her stock just went up in our book!
(Thanks, Laura!)

08/24 It's almost that time, sports fans...
08/20 Irrevocable proof that Republicans are too stupid to read...
08/16 It was a site to behold in its day...trust us!

We would, Coshiva - if we understood German (see Lagniappe post)
08/15 Lagniappe

"I read the report. You asked the cop if you could use his in-car computer to update Facebook. No way you get out of a DUI."
   -- Overheard

08/14 We know Sarah never was one to get her facts straight...

See? We told you it was good for you!
08/08 C'mon, Vanessa - if you didn't want the world to see them, you wouldn't have let them "leak", now would you?? (HSM Pseudo-porn warning)
08/04 We couldn't agree more...
08/03 Damn, Elwood! It's almost like an optical illusion. Thanks!!
07/31 The funniest Sarah Silverman bit yet!

Leave it to Anderson Cooper to get to the -um- bottom of things...
07/25 Fabulous SYTYCD montage
07/24 Bring on the hankies!!

Road trip!!
07/13 You know, we can't either!!!
07/09 Rock On! From Elwood...

Big Al Wilson - a much-needed inspiration...
07/02 We're living right! We tried to get this video for ages, and here it is in HD. Watch Kat's homage to James Brown around the 2:00 mark. Tasty!!
07/01 We raise 'em right in Tennessee
05/31 And then there were none.

Absolutely amazing (sound on)
05/28 Elwood sez, "Damn the luck!"
05/23 Imagine that, Dickless Cheney...
(thanks, Laura)
05/04 Whew!
05/03 Neat wrap-up
05/02 Putting opportunity where his mouth is...

We shoulda been there, Elwood...
05/01 Like him or not, awesome talent!
04/12 We love an honest review...
04/08 "Nerdgasm" indeed!!!
04/07 "Willie Nelson and Michael Phelps are teaming up to do an album - they're covering the Doobie Brothers..."
-- Reba McIntyre, hosting Sunday's ACM awards

03/31 William Vacchiano (Manhattan School of Music) was big on teaching trumpet students to transpose various parts for variously pitched trumpet parts.  Apparently Miles Davis studied briefly with Vacchiano in the 1950's.  During one lesson Vacchiano asked Miles:

   "If the piano is in the key of E, where does that put the trumpet?"

    Miles replied, "Back in the fucking case!"

(Thanks, Ken)
03/25 E-News
03/01 Quoth Elwood, "It aint football, but its a sweep against the Lizards and
the first defeat for Florida at home since last year, when Pearl's UT Vols
kicked Florida's ass!!"
02/17 Sorry Elwood, the football page isn't updated yet, but here's your post.
Quoth Elwood, "Phelps did nothing wrong!"
12/16 Best quotes of 2008
12/12 Another American icon gone...
12/04 Culture page (read entry to the end, please)
12/02 Why Jake makes Elwood watch
" Chelsea Lately"

11/28 A farewell from Elwood...
10/31 "living too long
takes more than

---- Bukowski, moving toward the dark

10/19 Hotness!!
What will we do for our entertainment?
09/29 Funny as Hell -
If it weren't true (Thanks, Laura!)
09/26 The presumptive second family gets even!!
09/14 The real Sarah Palin
08/16 Don't you love America's blind eye? Thanks, Laura!

Now, here's something a little more concrete to think about:
Ford has spent the last thirty years moving all its factories out  of the US , claiming they can't make money paying American wages.
TOYOTA has spent the last thirty years building more than a dozen plants inside the US.  
The last quarter's results:

TOYOTA makes 4 billion $ in profits while Ford racked up 9 billion $ in losses.
Ford’s management folk are still scratching their butts and collecting Board arranged bonuses for their incompetence.
08/05 Oh yeah!
07/30 On the season finale of "Hell's Kitchen", Chef Ramsay accosted Christina and told her if she couldn't run her kitchen, he would. The dagger she shot back at him froze us in our tracks - and she continued to win the competition.
07/22 The end of an era.
07/19 We are back! Not with a bang, but a whimper...
We think there's a DUUUH in here...
But, as usual - we knew it long ago
01/11 E-News
12/19 Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but the webmaster's PC had problems, and Jake and Elwood are leaving after Christmas for their annual oyster-suck at AJ's in Destin, Florida. If you're nearby, come suck with us!
1/30 Redux
11/14 Look up "worthless, pampered asshole" in the dictionary, and what do you get?
11/07 Lagniappe
Guess you're never too young...
11/06 We can't believe this shit, can you??? It's like the angel meets the Spawn of Satan...
10/31 Kinda redefines "don't ask, don't tell" - does it not? Role models for kids? Fuggetaboutit!!! They're whores!

Cooking page (Really? Yes, really!)
10/10 E-News
09/07 PS - Going on vacation for a week - if you're lucky, we'll post some pics of Elwood in a Speedo - or maybe not - LOL
09/06 Those of you not in heathcare should know, if you get this, you have less than one year without exception. Just FYI from Jake and Elwood.
09/05 We're in the amazing business
(Thanks, Laura)
PS- If you can beat this, you are a liar!
08/30 Glad we were there, Elwood ...
08/29 We love George W. Bush
Oh yeah - Elwood
dated her!

8/28 Best drunk song ever . This is from Diane Schuur and Maynard Ferguson's CD "Swinging for Schuur". She is probably the only vocalist I know who can compliment Maynard's high register pyrotechnics. We'll post more on Lagniappe soon (well, one other contender).
08/21 Amazing duet (we left it this way so you could read all the comments)
08/16 Thanks to David Richoux for putting this in our ear...
08/15 Traveler's Lament

This bears repeating!
Flight attendant quotes
(Thanks, Amy)
08/14 For those who missed the greatest vocal on television, here it is...
07/26 Sorry about the lack of updates, but there's so much wrong with this administration, we don't know where to start, but here's a little ditty from Elwood

07/12 Holy shit!!! We always knew she had it in her - but WOW!!!
(Choose full screen mode)

Looks like Leann is trying to show some boob - too bad her singing career is crap...
07/06 Saddest day (Why did it have to happen at Jake's birthday? Crap)
07/01 Did you hear about the drummer who always drug the beat?  His fellow musicians kept complaining about it to him.  He finally got so despondent that he decided to commit suicide.  So he went down and threw himself behind a train...
(Thanks to Bob Ringwald)
06/28 Jake wants to blow her brains out, but Elwood has a more reasonable approach...
06/27 Ahh, the good old days (Britney alert)
06/25 Paris is "gamey" in the clink.
06/16 For those of you who don't know where Memphis is, get a f**king map.
06/13 Jake and Elwood's Mailbox
06/12 A true legend passes...

"The climax was the lack of a climax: all the weight and tension brought upon by eight years of loyalty and betrayal, arrogance and greed. That abrupt ending forced viewers to recognize their own responses to Tony’s life, their expectations for violence, or even for the conclusion of a sentence. Sometimes life goes on, and sometimes it just stops."

05/22 Sorry for the hiatus, but our web server took a dump
(Cute- Thanks, Elwood)

04/29 Please, God - we're in need here. Eradicate all Republicans ASAP!!
Need proof?
(Thanks, Laurie)
04/28 This is the best
dance routine we have ever seen...

04/10 Imus was an asshole, but we have a better description for the Rutgers team - LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/09 Elwood says, "How 'bout them Lady Vols!"
04/06 An E-Music Tribute - PINK FLOYD!!!
03/19 This is for all you Lohan stalkers (boob alert)
03/14 It's not like we told you so - here!

Funny Jessica Simpson video
02/17 The truth for President's Day, 2007
02/15 This is for all the musicians in the house who never heard " end it!" from somewhere in the background - But Bobby does a helluva job with the rhyming - stalling timing, LOL - PRICELESS
LOOK QUICKLY - the YouTube Police are about!!!
02/13 Christina's James Brown tribute at the 2007 Grammys
(Rendered us totally speechless)
And to think - for a quick time - she and Britney were considered equals. What a joke...
LOOK QUICKLY - the YouTube Police are about!!!
02/05 Damn, we forgot how hot Sass Jordan was...
Jake saw her live once - and it took a week for him to walk upright...still has the T-shirt :-)
02/03 Damn...but Allan and Jake are still tight...
01/16 JagStar at World Grotto (look closely - there's Jake!)

Jake's girls...
01/15 Earl's back - pure and simple (sound on)
We swear, we like Christina for her voice (we swear)
12/23 Our Christmas card

Why there is no trumpet Christmas (sound on)
12/20 Steve Spurrier fined for NCAA violation
12/17 Jake's ramblings
12/04 Yo, Elwood - how was your weekend???
12/03 Happy Birthday, Elwood!!!
12/02 Here again for the holidays, "Carl's Garden"
God bless you Liza Jean, wherever you are today...

12/01 Truth is stranger than fiction.

Remind me again why we watch "Grey's Anatomy"?
11/19 Placing good news on top of the pile of dung below - discovered this today- a gem - trumpet work is flawless..."You're gonna miss your little brown-skinned daddy..." EXCELLENT!
11/10 Tom Waits on Lagniappe
10/25 Undoubtedly the best thing we've ever heard... - thanks, Steve...
10/12 Culture Page
09/27 Great tension reliever
(If he gets stuck, drag him out with your mouse)
09/22 You gotta see this...
09/20 We agree...
(sound up - mp3)

09/18 You must be kidding # 2
09/15 Elwood's "Gator Chili" recipe - we'll be eating it Saturday!!

A true commentary on our times...(Thanks, Chris)
09/14 A good friend asked us to explain Dixieland Jazz - we offer this, complete with outstanding showmanship...
09/13 Play it, Steve...
08/28 Gee, Daddy, where are all
de black folk this year?

08/24 Jesus Christ - no wonder we love her!!!
(I am in superlative overload)
And if you don't burst out in tears at 2:15, you have NO SOUL!!!!!
If you cannot identify at 2:28 - kill yourself...

One more - for real...

08/17 Elwood, how did they find out where we live?
07/28 Now this is the life!!!
07/27 When perusing a great Nostradamus site, we came up with this:
"When asked what kind of weapons World War III would be fought with, Albert Einstein replied: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

07/25 Elwood Says, "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" !!
07/18 Elwood is heart broken (again)
07/17 Another great one from Lisa - stay around for the "job interview"...
06/20 Music Page

Low Brass Creed
(Listening, Lee Ann?)
06/14 But Elwood and I had a great time!
06/12 Well, what do you think of this?
05/20 Imagine that...

Other than breast-feeding, this kid is f**ked...
04/30 E-News
04/26 Required
04/26 Vote Republican , you mindless maggots...
04/25 Damn, we're hungry already...
04/05 Scan done and posted, as promised some time back...
04/03 This is for Jake's
ultra-conservative cousin... and so is this one, and this one...

Damn, I wish Elwood hadn't got me started on this site - but I love this guy!!
04/01 Jake and Elwood's Mailbox
03/31 From Elwood
03/30 Go down laughing, Art - we love ya...

Video Jukebox
03/26 Too bad this didn't happen to your precious "W" - wonder which ICU *he* could get??

Holy shit! (Thanks, Bill)

Thank God...
03/22 Looks like two girls locked in a dorm room in some New England college - REALLY cute video! Reality is Israel is pretty far away from New England, eh?
03/10 From Elwood (a BIG fan)
02/25 Commercial  
02/09 You need to watch this and this...
02/03 Cooking page
(Do ya believe it??)
01/25 Remastered the Danny / Louis "Saints" - not like anyone under 40 knows who they're talking about...
01/24 Fiore (sound on)

Jake and Elwood's Mailbox

A Closer Walk With Thee

Jitterbug Days
12/16 Sums it up totally
(Sound on, please)

12/07 Watch Ghost Town
(Thanks, Deb
11/24 Elwood, shine your shoes - she's back on the market...
Introspection of  2003 revisited - not much has changed, except Lisa will like Elwood's song :-)
(And we all know about "Jake's destiny"...)
10/23 The End?
10/21 The news just keeps getting better...
10/17 Joke or truth?
10/15 Up close and personal
10/09 Hey floppy ears - Osama is laughing his ass off at your weak ass. All his idiots have to do is phone in a threat. Nice work on your watch, fool.
10/05 We love it when an artist f**ks up and laughs about it.
Fiona Apple was toooooooooooo listening to her guitar player and came in about a couple bars early, cursed herself and went on - aint it great???
At least she SINGS, Ashlee, you fucking bitch...
10/05 Screw her - let her father (and her) find a real job...
10/02 More from Elwood on NOLA musicians
09/29 Required listening  
09/26 New Orleans' mantra.
(Thanks, Steve)

Tasty - more here
09/23 Excellent, Bill ...
09/22 Let the good times roll...
(Thanks, Elwood)

Our famed Katrina coverage
09/21 Earl shares the good news again...
09/13 Question: What is Bush's position on Roe vs Wade ?
09/06 Way to go, Peyton ...
(Link repaired)

Then, in the show's closing minutes, as Claire gathers the people she loves most for a farewell photo before she drives away, Nate, looking on, says a curious thing.

"You can't take a picture of this," he tells her. "It's already gone."

In this richly satisfying finish to a series like none other, we understand what he means. We see these characters as we have never seen them before. But as we realize how much we cared for them, we understand they're not there. "Six Feet Under" will be over. So the pictures that count will reside inside us. Long after it has gone.

08/18 Come on, America - sing it to the tune of Aretha Franklin's "Respect"...

08/12 Jake's short political rant du jour.
And Elwood's response ...

08/08 Interesting site
(Thanks, Deb)

08/05 Read Rachael's 8/4/05 post - this is great!!!
08/01 Right on, Steve!!
07/29 "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
Thanks, Lisa
OUCH !!!
Thanks, Betsy

07/26 This is awesome!
(Thanks Laura and Jerry)

07/15 Can't wait till 2008?
Thanks, Laura...

07/08 "It was fifty years ago today..."
07/01 We know just how you feel, Jack...
06/26 Jake's Summer anthem  

An amazing man
06/15 Sad update to the
James Davis story

05/30 Damn, we love
Jennifer Nettles!!!

Prolly no updates for a few days, as Jake must
go to Hell for his job...

05/26 Size does matter

Great jazz quotes
05/23 Paris
05/22 Also, remember when
these two were knockout gorgeous? This was before - as Rachael puts it - "the snort"...

05/21 OMG! We cannot believe Yahoo's luck in randomly assigning a "Find my match" tag when we viewed this photo - kinda ironic, eh?
Don't get us wrong - we love her - just found it funny...

Updated Ska Weekend link. Although, Jake knew Elwood was drunk when he offered to buy him this for his birthday!
05/12 OMG! Hurricane Erin (aka Regina) has blasted into New Orleans!!! God help them both!!!!!
05/07 Mardi Gras parade music of old
04/22 Can't be good for the piano...
04/12 NOLA Jazz

So much music - so little time...
04/12 Kids, this is NOT the way to handle a multi-million dollar career...
03/24 Cool commercial (right-click and "save as" - 734K)
Thanks, Laura!

Oh weird - the Minnesota school shooter had a Livejournal account - read the twisted
03/21 One Helluva combination
03/20 Update to Elwood's earlier post on E-News
03/18 Since we missed St Pat's day, here another invitation we're gonna miss...
03/15 Moblog

As  if television weren't
bad enough already (thanks, Laura)
03/12 We were talking to Bonny the other day and realized that we needed to bring  Elwood's Jailhouse Journal around again so the new folks could read it.
Quite a nice piece of webfiction, if we do say so ourselves.
03/11 You can't even trust
the news !!
03/07 "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic
hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.
There's also a negative side"
. . . . Hunter S Thompson

02/25 Yogi Berra explains Jazz
01/27 We're just learning *all kinds* of neat stuff today (including Bob's signature line quote- get a load of that...)
01/25 From Larry King last night.
Those were the days !!

Got an hour to kill? Listen to something amazing!
01/21 Earl's back! And he brings us a doozy this time...
01/19 WTF? Wonder what this sucker sounds like??
01/17 Hungry? (Thanks, Laura)
01/06 For all the musicians in the house
Here's a look at last week's "home away from home" and Rikki - who took good care of us!
12/24 Because we couldn't bear to part with it...

12/23 Jib-Jab's "Grumpy Santa"
12/21 Drastic, but she makes her point...
12/20 Our buddy Amadan reminds us that this is the
season for kindness...
12/16Our new best friend Anne sent us this ...
12/15 Don't you just love visionaries ??
12/14 Elwood's religious truths
12/09 Elwood's eye exam

Elwood, we need to make reservations!
12/06 Giselle, where *did* you get that shirt ???
11/23 Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood...
11/22 It's that time of year again - Rheta's Cajun Thanksgiving

Last one, we promise - but a Helluva quote
(Thanks, Deb)
11/17 Open letter to the Iraqi kidnappers
(language warning)
11/16 Some great stuff from
11/03 Oh Hell - we don't care who conceded, this video is still relevant. Too bad nobody heard...

What would you give to have a pie right now?
11/01 One Helluva interesting fact ...
10/28a Lightning Strikes Twice
10/28 Jake and Elwood's Jukebox
10/26 Ashlee Simpson's
SNL meltdown  video
(Right-click and "Save Target As" - 3mB WMV)
10/21 Jake and Elwood love these guys!!!
10/18 Elwood takes a walk
10/08 The JibJab boys are at it again - "Good to be in DC"

Jake and Elwood's mailbox
09/17 Orange aid

Best place to be for a college football game?
You guess !!
09/16 Colonoscopies 'R Us
09/09 Discovered! A photo of Jake as a little boy (Thanks, Deb)

I think my girlfriend is fooling around , but I'm not sure...(Thanks, Glenda)
09/08 Dubya action figure

Even Paris Hilton can have a shitty day.
09/07 UGA(y) Pride
08/26 Everybody has a shitty day, right Britney ?
08/25 Earl asks, "How much vodka would this really take?"
I dunno - you've never seen Elwood after a few...

08/24 Just got an e-mail from our buddy Sean from Dublin, who said "I'm piss drunk, and I want Otis!"
You got it, ya big Mick...

Michelle's new poetry and art site
(wet T-shirt photos come later)

08/23 Jake and Elwood scoop a CNN Special Report!
08/22 Yeah, right - we've used that line before...
08/20 OMG! It's
"The Best of Racheal" - whatta hoot!!!
(Click Reads)

08/19 Go on, they're your kids...
(Thanks, Violaine)

Funny - same thing happens to Elwood
(thanks, Earl)

08/18 Awesome aerial photography
08/17 We couldn't let her go without a mention...
08/09 What's your Blues Name ?
(Thanks, Jailhouse Fingers)

08/08 The mystery of Britney's boobs continues without a solution...
(requires sound)
08/04 Funny as Hell
Turn your sound on and enjoy
(Thanks, Boston Jim)

08/03 You knew it was coming -
Awful Plastic Surgery

Before washing, please check the label

With friends like these...
07/30 Blondestar emergency call
07/28 We've seen everything now - sound required
(Thanks, Holly and Amy)

07/25 R.I.P. Racer
So sorry, Sofia - he was our unofficial mascot...

07/23 Damn, Elwood, we knew her * when *...

We love sensitivity in the media
07/22 Funny how Jake wants to cook again. Thanks, Lisa (nice shirt)!
07/21 Earl's been scouring the news for craziness again:
07/20 How to sing the blues (Thanks, Steve)

Only in Tennessee ...
07/19 Another great poem from Michelle

An oldie but a goodie...
07/02 What the fuck is this (lead story)? They sure got a pretty mouth...
06/26 Finally a restaurant review that Jake and Elwood agree with!
06/20 Britney's subliminal message (Thanks, Laura)
06/16 OK peoples from Japan, Italy and the Netherlands - quit your bitching! Here's the Earle Spencer tune you've been ragging my ass over for weeks...seriously, glad to hear from ya!
(If only Bush could make everybody this happy)
06/12 With all that's happening in the world today, we thought you might want to have another look at the 572nd.

Dieting ?? (Thanks, Lisa)
06/04 Shall we play a game
Thanks and hugs, Michelle.
(Caution to the weak)

05/31 Amazing - not many negative opinions. You gotta love that...
05/28 Cute (thanks, Carolyn)

Lenny turns 70 - we still luv ya, man...
05/21 We need CSI - Alabama!!
05/20 Oh - my - God !
If we had an Amazon wishlist, this movie would go on it. Check out their website too.

05/19 Guy rules
05/13 Earl's at it again:
05/13 Didn't take us Southerners long to start calling this the "big-assed" burger
05/10 Ten things to ponder (thanks, Carolyn)
04/30 This is awesome, but does anyone see a toilet?
04/29 We're re-linking the "320-pound woman" story so the sweet little girl from the Preservation Pub can find it (thanks for the ciders, by the way)

04/28 Jake went to hear R.B. Morris at a poetry reading - more to follow on the Culture page.
04/27 This *so* belongs here!! Thanks to Lisa from Norway for showing us the incredible icon-making skills (not to mention humor) of  twistingflame
04/26 If they want me to buy one of their phones, this is the way to do it .
04/22 Jake's Weight Watchers Recipes

Now this rocks! Thanks, Earl.
04/20 Sometimes one *must* wonder... (Thanks, Melanie)
04/16 Although Jake and Elwood usually don't do politics, this is too cute to pass up (Thanks, Debbie)

When you're hot, you're hot - thanks again , D...
04/15 MC Escher revisited
(who was he?)

04/14 Thanks for the help, Laura...

Jake's finest moment (Thanks, April)
Re-recorded the Otis Redding cuts for better sound quality.
04/02 Tonight...
03/29 Now we know why Jake likes to watch Food Network's shows with Rachel Ray...
And you thought your boss was bad ?
03/22 This is for you, Chris (lyrics)
02/27 Farewell, Lady A ...
02/24 Thanks for the link, Rachael - we need all the help we can get!!
02/22 Wish we had been there...
02/11 Cool as Hell ad...
11/21 We knew it all along !
08/10 So long, Erin...
05/23 We're eclectic?? Well, we've been called worse. Thanks for the link, Mike!!
05/17 Short cut to 
Jake's current philosophy (Real Audio)
The classics we couldn't throw away

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