Jake and Elwood's Classics

We just couldn't get rid of these chuckles...

It could be worse (Turn your sound on, please - thanks, Little Sister)
Cool Link (read it)
Nice ad... Living well in Tennessee Imagine that...
Jag Star tours the Middle East Attention Wal-Mart shoppers... Elwood! We're saved !!!
Ain't it the truth?? So sad... Elwood has his house painted
Britney's war on drugs - "Just say 'no' to crack..."
Lulu and Junior - The World Tour
Tennessee's budget crunch hits hard! Interesting discovery (572nd) Tennessee squirrels
How to improve office morale
Jake gets a new job!!
Pic of the week! "Bombsquad" Britney, Titney! We thought your mama checked what you were wearing before you left the house!
Guess not!!